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Top Research Universities Launch Learning Web Site

Fourteen major North American universities will have a Web site to showcase some of the best distance learning by some of the top institutions.

The Web site,, will be operational by the end of the month and will be hosted by the University of Washington. “We hope to provide a site where the distance learner can access some of the most significant and cutting-edge programs,” explains David Szatmary, acting vice provost at the UW. will provide a gateway to information about high-quality distance learning from established institutions, rather than function as a structured, degree-granting organization. Students will click onto the logos of the participating universities to identify study opportunities, register for courses, or enroll in certificate sequences. All of the participating institutions belong to the Internet 2, which provides high-speed connections that will make distance learning more interactive.

The institutions include: Cal-Berkeley Extension, Illinois, Minnesota, MIT, New York University, North Carolina, Penn State, Stanford, Texas, UCLA Extension, University of British Columbia, University of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

For more information about, contact David Szatmary at

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