Alumni Association Offers '99 Grads Free E-Mail Address for Life

Graduates from the Class of 1999 will soon be able to register for a free, lifetime e-mail address courtesy of the UW Alumni Association.

The lifetime e-mail program, referred to as, provides e-mail forwarding services for 1999 graduates who have an active e-mail account through an Internet service provider such as America On Line or Earthlink.

Once registered for a lifetime e-mail address, if you change jobs or Internet service providers, any e-mail sent to your address will be re-routed to the e-mail account of your choice. You never have to worry again about lost e-mail sent to an outdated address. Your address also shows the world-and potential employers-that you are a proud graduate of the University of Washington.

Initial registration for the lifetime e-mail program will be limited to class of 1999 graduates who established a UW e-mail account as a student. All eligible participants will be notified of the registration procedures in a letter from the alumni association. At a later date, other alumni will also receive this benefit, provided they have an Internet service provider.

The program does not provide access to UW dial-up services, the Internet or any other e-mail service provider.

For more information about, a FAQ page is currently available.

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