Julia Skahen

An exceptionally apt and always prepared and knowledgeable professor in my 1949-50 year in graduate studies at the UW Medical Center was Dr. Julia Skahen.

Dr. Skahen taught a two-quarter course, 12 credit hours total, in anatomy, physiology and histology. Her lectures alone were remarkably illustrative. In addition, she brought to class a broad array of visual aids. I don't remember all of those aids but they included demonstration slides, mannequins, charts and graphs, exploratory cadaver demonstrations in the anatomy lab and whatever else she thought would be helpful to her students.

She was clear and explicit in her expectations for her students' accomplishments in the class. Students had no opportunity to manipulate a grade once it was adjudged. During my academic travels, I had the opportunity to study in four universities. I count Julia Skahen as one of my finest professors.

E.B. Smith, '50
Sherwood, Ore.

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