Thomas Pressly

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 1949, was the first day of fall quarter. At 9 a.m. on the second floor of Savery Hall, some 20 to 25 mostly history majors were soon to meet a man who was to become a "Husky legend."

When Dr. Thomas Pressly walked into History 147, Civil War & Reconstruction, his Southern accent was very evident. He assured one apprehensive student not to worry about his Tennessee roots. He was going to teach the Civil War. I was one of the fortunate members of that class. By the time I registered for History 147, I had about 40 hours of history and had had one especially good prof, Dr. Holt.

But Dr. Pressly was an outstanding lecturer who instilled the famous work ethic. You did your outside reading in the two-hour reserve section of the library. You thought, reasoned and remembered. He tested you and your ability to think. You worked hard, but loved it. Every minute of his lecture and class was to be savored.

Because I was in Dr. Pressly's first UW class, I always felt I made a discovery. When he was in the first announced group of outstanding professors, I was so pleased. I could say to my history-major husband--an attorney--"I told you so."

Thank you for the chance to praise Dr. Pressly.

Marian Olson, '51

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