Agnes Haaga and Geraldine Siks

As a recreation leadership major, with a goal of working in a youth serving agency, I was fortunate in taking a broad spectrum of liberal arts courses. But the best of what I learned about working with children was from two remarkable and innovative teachers in children's drama, Agnes Haaga and Geraldine Siks.

They were equally able in their ability to instruct and inspire. Whether lecture, demonstration, participation or observing them playmaking with children, there always seemed to be a touch of magic in their classes. From them, I learned theory, philosophy, psychology, drama, and life.

Professor Siks was a poised and elegant woman who presented children's drama with vision and clarity. Agnes Haaga bounced into class in a cloud of joy, fun and adventure. Individual conferences with her were punctuated by laughter and I always left feeling my abilities had been stretched.

These two gifted and charming women encouraged my creativity and a sense of accomplishment and pride. Not only skills to find the career I wanted, but to last a lifetime.

Mary Carroll, '66

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