Donald Emery

I always believed that I had some of the great teachers in the history of the University of Washington. In truth I was privileged to have been taught by five of the 11 favorite teachers in the June Columns. These were Costigan, Johnson, Bone, Pressly, and Bridgman. (You can tell I was a social studies major.)

I would add an English teacher to the list. His name was Donald Emery. He taught an unlikely favorite course called English grammar. It was a three-credit course that I took to satisfy my requirement in English.

On the first day, I knew that I had encountered an unparalled wit. Every sentence we were required to parse was truly funny. (While his wit is stilled, I will always remember how much fun he imparted to our class.) He was not only a genuinely funny man, but a great teacher.

I will never walk across the Quad but that I can hear Dr. Emery waving and saying, "Hi Vinje."

Jack Vinje, '55

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