Jack Cady

Jack Cady was always a little rough around the edges. His hair was askew, his clothes rumpled, and shoes needed a shine. But he had this beguiling smile that caught our attention. He always seemed to know something that we didn't, and that smirk drew us in.

This particular English Lit class was during the spring quarter of about 1971 or '72, and I didn't have a clue about why I was there. I did enjoy reading, but writing anything other than a check to the UW for tuition was treading into the unknown. Jack not only made us all feel comfortable, but encouraged us to have some fun expressing ourselves. He said we were all to begin a journal, and simply record anything about the reading and class discussions that popped into our heads.

Now this was during a time of my life when school was a bit of a blur. I couldn't wait to graduate, and get on with the rest of my life. I'll never forget how that journaling exercise changed my entire college experience. With Jack's daily encouragement, I slowed down, and actually took a closer look at literature. His anecdotes and musing were solid doses of inspiration. Not only did I garner an 'A' from Mr. Cady, but his energy carried over into my other classes as well.

Jack Cady lifted all of us up that quarter. His humor was infectious, his life experiences were entertaining, and he truly brought out the best in my marginal talents. Thank you, Jack, for your literary and inspirational legacy!

Richard Glazier, '73

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