Hugh Bone

Prescient Professor Hugh Bone has become--over the years--my favorite UW professor for having imparted political truths in the '50s that proved invaluable and relevant during the fascinating impeachment of the '90s.

Professor Bone told students a half-century ago that, while shocked Britons regularly oust politicians guilty of sexual affairs, less-prudish Americans historically have tolerated sexcapades of high office holders ranging from Thomas Jefferson to Warren Harding. He was explaining the then-current cases of British official John Profumo, forced to resign because of his dealings with call girls, and Sen. Warren Magnuson, who was attacked by opponents for frolicking with dancer Toni Seven. Magnuson was re-elected easily "because most Americans consider it normal for bachelors to have girlfriends," Professor Bone concluded.

Though pro-impeachment forces last year incorrectly cited Gary Hart as an example of a presidential candidate ruined by sexual infidelity, Hart actually suffered a total loss of credibility after he publicly challenged the media to follow him and certify his purity.

House Republicans in 1999 could have foreseen the futility of using a sex scandal to try to oust Clinton--if only they had taken Political Science 101 from Hugh Bone.

Don Tewkesbury, '54, '56

My favorite professor was Dr. Hugh Bone of the political science department.

Dr. Bone made his courses interesting by stressing real politics as opposed to theoretical politics. He arranged for his classes to meet and hear from the political leaders of the state and to visit the Legislature.

Dr. Bone was always objective--never showing a political party preference. I will never forget him saying, "politicians differ, not because there are two sides to every issue, but because there are two sides to every office--the inside and the outside."

Harve Harrison, '49

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