Nelson Bentley

I most vividly recall, from my student years at the University of Washington, the writing courses taught by the late Nelson Bentley. In other writing classes, when papers were presented, every effort was put forth to protect our slender egos. This approach was both helpful and appreciated, yet one could often sense an instructor's struggle not to slap the side of his head and leap from the classroom window.

In contrast, Professor Bentley would appear to scarcely contain his glee while discussing our class assignments. He could always determine something of value in our papers, whether it was a unique subject, clever phrase or even a character's unusual name. I vividly recall his redemption of one of my papers by finding great delight in the geographic location, which was a small city on the Washington coast.

I studied with some wonderful teachers, while a university student, though none exhibited the classroom enthusiasm of Professor Nelson Bentley.

Georgia Kravik, '79

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