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Letters Archives

March 2005 - Taking a stand, and the business of teaching

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March 2003 - A few more legacies, blimps and waves, five year plan

December 2002 - Paying the price, double standards, research and development

September 2002 - Reversal of fortunes, a class for life, good-bye 'Hello Lane'

June 2002 - Favorite campus settings, good and evil

March 2002 - Grace under pressure, maligning the military, lunch hour legacies

December 2001 - Debating the Greeks, Urban Horticulture fire, WSU and intellectualism

September 2001 - The new Husky logo, quake coincidence, visibility and worth, lectures defended

June 2001 - Election reform, journalist stress, diversity, Star Trek defended

March 2001 - Kennewick man, Takuji Yamashita, diversity, campus observatory

December 2000 - Guns and violence, UW's neighborhood, Daily parody

September 2000 - UW President, Rita Colwell, traffic congestion

June 2000 - Town/gown relations, President Odegaard, Tom Stockley

March 2000 - Quintard Taylor, Al Brevik, 100 Alumni of the Century

December 1999 - goal posts, Dachau, Mary Haller.

September 1999 - UW teachers, Jim Ellis, athletics department, I-200.

June 1999 - quad cherry trees, Coach Neuheisel, I-200.

March 1999 - UW "brain drain," learning disabilities, rise of Christianity, fall of "Beauty and the Books."

December 1998 - affirmative action, the Wave, "hec" Edmundson.

June 1998 - undergraduate research, athletic facilities

December 1997 - special archive of letters on "Seeing Red" article.

September 1997 - Chuck Close, law school suit, Husky vs. Malamute.

June 1997 - military incarceration, top Dawgs, Henry Art Gallery

March 1997 - schoolhouse rock, Bosnia, discrimination, burn pain.

December 1996 - Ron Martinez, Columns diversity, military research.

September 1996 - trust in government, infectious diseases.

June 1996 - addictions, Montlake memories.

March 1996 - reader response to "The Fall (and Rise?) of the Ave."

December 1995 - cartoonist Mike Luckovich, UW teachers.

September 1995 - top UW teachers, former UW President Asa Mercer.

June 1995 - Alzheimer's research, Pepper Schwartz, Ernest Conrad, Donald Treadgold.

March 1995 - lowering reservoirs, Dawg days, interdisciplinary activities.