Multicultural Alumni Partnership

UWAA Distinguished Service Award

Organization and History: Founded in 1993, the Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP) supports recruitment and mentoring of students, faculty and staff of color, and promotes diversity within the UW and the UW Alumni Association. Its awards program honors distinguished UW alumni and its many events bind together a diverse University community.

Former MAP chairs include, from left, Vivian Lee, Jon Rider and Ellan Guevara.

Achievement: The Multicultural Alumni Partnership has helped make the University and its alumni association a place where people of diverse backgrounds feel welcome and feel they can make a difference. Its annual "Bridging the Gap" breakfast has become a sellout and has generated more than $12,500 in scholarship money in the last two years alone. MAP has also sponsored a Diversity Summit featuring President Richard L. McCormick in the Seattle area.

Quote: "It is important to find large and small opportunities to promote diversity in the University. Whether it be a 400 person breakfast, a community forum with 60 attendees, a committee meeting with 10 people or a one on one discussion encouraging students of color to attend the University of Washington, the MAP committee has been working it all. They have made a real difference in raising the level of the diversity conversation, and I suspect they will continue to keep the conversation front and center."--UW Alumni Association President Cory Carlson

Other Public Service Awards

Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award

Outstanding Public Service Award

UW Recognition Award

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