Albert W. Black

Outstanding Public Service Award

Department: Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology; 27 years at the UW

Public Service: Black has made his time and expertise freely available to community organizations such as school districts, church groups and social service agencies. He has been a speaker and adviser for public schools in Seattle, Kent and Renton; Big Brothers of Seattle/King County; the Garfield Community Center, Mount Zion Baptist Church and other organizations. Since 1991 he has served on the State Advisory Board of the Division of Juvenile Rehabilitation. He created the Franklin High School Parents Group to participate in school events and reinforce the power of the family. For many years he has recruited UW students to go into schools and juvenile detention centers as tutors. Black has also been involved with gang prevention efforts in New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Denver and Seattle.

Quote: "He has made a conscious choice to spend his life in the trenches: in the trenches of the academy here on campus and in the trenches of some of our toughest neighborhoods. In both places he has given of himself to serve and to enrich the lives of the weakest among us"--Sociology Chair Robert Crutchfield

Biography: Won a UW Distinguished Teaching Award in 1977. B.S., zoology, University of Michigan, 1963; M.A., sociology, Wayne State University, 1968; Ph.D., sociology, Cal-Berkeley, 1976.

Other Public Service Awards

Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award

UW Recognition Award

UWAA Distinguished Service Award

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