Ranking Puts 41 UW Programs Among Top 10 in the Nation

The University of Washington is No. 1 among primary-care medical schools and nursing schools in the U.S. News & World Report annual rankings of graduate programs and professional schools. In the handbook Best Graduate Schools from U.S. News & World Report, released April 2, more than 40 UW programs and specialties are ranked among the top 10 in the nation.

New to top-10 lists this year are the UW's programs in Asian history and occupational therapy. Many other programs have been ranked in the top-10 for years. This is the tenth year in a row that the medical specialties of family medicine and rural medicine have claimed No. 1 spots.

The rankings are based on surveys conducted this year and in 2000.

This is the eighth straight year that the School of Medicine has been named the top primary-care medical school. In the ranking of research medical schools, Harvard was No. 1 and the UW was No. 11. Academic specialties ranked at the UW medical school were:

  • Family Medicine -1st
  • Rural Medicine-1st
  • Pediatrics -4th
  • AIDS-5th
  • Women's Health-5th
  • Geriatrics -6th
  • Internal Medicine -7th
  • Microbiology-7th
  • Occupational Therapy-10th

In addition to the No. 1 ranking for its nursing schools, nine UW nursing specialties were also ranked:

  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-1st
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adult Medical/Surgical-1st
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist, Community/Public Health-1st
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatry/Mental Health-1st
  • Family Nurse Practitioner-2nd
  • Adult Nurse Practitioner-2nd
  • Gerontological-2nd
  • Nursing Service Administration-3rd
  • Midwifery-10th

Other UW graduate programs and academic specialties ranked among the top 20 are:

  • Clinical Psychology-2nd
  • Nuclear Physics -2nd
  • Speech Language Pathology-2nd
  • Social Work-3rd
  • Audiology-4th
  • Drama/Theater-4th
  • Health Services Administration-4th
  • Computer Science Software -5th
  • Public Health-5th
  • Bioengineering/Biomedical-6th
  • Computer Engineering-7th
  • Computer Science (overall) -7th
  • Computer Science Hardware-7th
  • Social Psychology-7th
  • Atomic/Molecular Physics-8th
  • Computer Science Theory-8th
  • Computer Science Artificial Intelligence-9th
  • Computer Science Graphics: User Interaction-9th
  • Geophysics-9th
  • Asian History-10th
  • Creative Writing-10th
  • Pharmacy-13th
  • Physics-14th
  • Sociology-16th
  • Psychology-17th
  • Geology-18th
  • Library Science-18th
  • Architecture-19th
  • Biological Sciences-20th

The rankings are established using such measures as statistical analysis of selected academic attributes and surveys of deans and senior faculty at accredited schools in each discipline.

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