Annual Report:

More Flexible, Responsive and Accountable Than Ever

The 1998-1999 period was a watershed year for the UW Alumni Association. Three major initiatives—hiring a management team, creating a strategic plan and starting work on a business plan—have put us on the road toward our goal of becoming the best alumni association in the Pac-10. We have set our sights very high—and have every intention of reaching that goal, and soon.

UWAA management team

The UWAA management team includes, left to right, Office Manager Cathy Billings; Events and Programs Director Aileen Kelly; Finance Director Bill Brastow, '67, '70; Executive Director David Fagerlie, '81; and Strategic Planning Director Mark Gallant, '79. Photo by Jon Marmor.

Our new management team brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and plain old-fashioned know-how. Bill Brastow, '67, '70, joined us as director of finance and information systems after a long and distinguished career in the banking industry. Aileen Kelly, who heads up our restructured and revitalized events and programs department, directed the surgical education unit of Stanford University's School of Medicine for six years after a career in hotel management. Mark Gallant, '79, who made his mark as a marketing and advertising manager in private industry for many years, is our new director of strategic planning. Rounding out the alumni association leadership team is Cathy Billings, our office manager, whose savvy and get-it-done attitude keeps everything in the alumni office on track.

But even the best management team can't do anything without a plan, so we undertook the monumental task of creating a strategic plan—a living, breathing blueprint that clearly defines where we as an organization will go in the next three years.

By starting from scratch, we had the chance to review and confirm the philosophical bases upon which the UWAA is built, and identify the few major priorities where we can focus our limited energies and resources in the coming years.

Our strategic plan is lean and to the point. We have three initiatives: striving to more clearly identify our markets and audiences, and figuring out the best, most advanced and efficient ways to serve them; providing support for alumni; and enhancing support and advocacy for the University.

We are now turning our attention to creating a business plan that spells out how we will accomplish our goals. We are hard at work developing the kinds of services you have told us are most important to you and best support our University. Today's times require us to be more flexible, responsive and accountable than ever. Only by being more attuned to your needs and desires can we strengthen the connection you feel to your alma mater. And that is essential now, when the University needs our support more than ever.

As always, we want to know your thoughts. How are we doing? What can we do differently to serve you and the University better? You can be sure we are listening.

Signature of David Fagerlie, '81, UWAA Executive Director

David Fagerlie, '81
Executive Director

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