December 2008 -

The Hub

Water Colors

In mixed-media paintings like "Headwaters: Cascades," Betty Jo Fitzgerald strives to capture "the beauty and fragility of our ecosystems," she says. Fitzgerald, '66, will be one of several UW graduates represented in "Waters Alive!", a new exhibition of works by the Women Painters of Washington.

Presented in partnership with the City of Seattle's Restore Our Waters Initiative, the show is designed to raise environmental awareness. The Women Painters of Washington formed in 1930, when six women artists who'd met in a portrait class joined forces to support one another in what was then a male-dominated scene. Today the WPW has dozens of members and continues to promote solidarity among women artists. "Waters Alive!" runs through Jan. 30 at the Women Painters of Washington Gallery in Seattle. Call 206-624-0543 for more information.—Ina Zajac