Lasting Legacies. By Tom Griffin and John Marmor
Bown Down to Washington

Number One in Research
The University of Washington receives more funding from federal research grants than any other public university in the nation—and has been number one among publics since 1975. Since these grants are awarded on a competitive basis through peer review, it is a reflection of the outstanding quality of UW faculty.

Top-Ranked Nursing and Medical Schools
In its rankings of U.S. universities, U.S. News and World Report has named the School of Nursing the top program for seven years in a row and the primary care program in the School of Medicine the number one program for nine years in a row. In its most recent rankings, it also listed the Family Medicine program and the Rural Medicine program as best in the nation.

National Achievement in Graduate Programs
Once every 10 years the National Research Council ranks graduate-level programs at research universities. Within higher education, these are the most significant assessments of programs on a national scale. In the most recent rankings, nearly one-third of UW Ph.D. programs were in the top 10 nationally and almost three-fourths were in the top 25.

Public Service Through the Peace Corps
The University of Washington provides more Peace Corps volunteers than any other college or university in the nation except Cal-Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin. The corps estimates that since the program began in 1961, more than 2,160 Huskies have volunteered for international service.

Among the Top Schools in Giving
The UW is among the top four public universities in the nation in attracting private support dollars. In its annual review of philanthropy, the Council for Aid to Education found that only Wisconsin, UCLA and Michigan drew more private support in 1999-2000.

One of the Best Hospitals in the Nation
Out of almost 2,000 hospitals in the nation, UW Medical Center ranked 11th according to U.S. News and World Report.

Most Cited Math Department
The UW Department of Mathematics is the top math department in the nation for the number of times its faculty publications were cited in major academic journals, according to Science Watch magazine. The magazine surveyed the top 100 federally funded universities for faculty articles published between 1993 and 1998.

Sports Program Stands on Its Own Feet
Out of 115 Division I-A athletic programs, the UW is one of only 17 programs that are not subsidized by state funds or student fees, according to a recent poll of sports information directors. The only other Pac-10 program that is not subsidized is USC—a private university.

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