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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Student Governance and Policies

Student Policies

Chapter 203

Feature Film Showings Policy

Showings of feature films* contribute to the broad and richly diverse range of extracurricular opportunities available on the campus to students, faculty and staff members, and their guests. As a public institution, however, the University of Washington recognizes that campus organizations should be mindful of and give consideration to the film schedules of theatres in proximity to the campus when planning feature film series. Among other things, therefore, this policy is designed to avert concurrent showings of feature films by campus organizations and those theatres.

1. Feature films which have been made available to the video or pay television markets, or which can be obtained through established collegiate promotional agencies, may be shown on the campus.** In the event of conflicts between the proposed film offering(s) of campus organizations and local theatres, the campus organization shall make a good-faith effort to resolve them, taking into account such considerations as when their respective schedules were formulated and the extent to which they can reasonably be modified.

2. Although organizations may charge admissions to defray their costs, film showings may not be used for fund-raising purposes.

3. Film showings may not be open to the general public, but each student, faculty, or staff member may be accompanied by one guest.

4. Publicity and advertising shall be limited to the campus and affiliated living units.

*A feature film is defined as one which is over 70 minutes in length and has commercial application.

**So-called sneak previews are exempt from this stipulation.

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