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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Employment and Administrative Policies

University Employment

Chapter 104

Student Employees

1. To hold an appointment in one of the covered student job titles a student must be enrolled at the University of Washington and meet the following minimum enrollment requirements (not including correspondence credits):

  A. Undergraduate students—6 credits

  B. Graduate and professional students—4 credits

  C. Ph.D. candidates working on dissertations—2 credits

  D. Granted "on leave" status
  • Graduate students are considered "on leave" when they have applied for and been granted such status by the Dean of the Graduate School.

  • Undergraduates—For one quarter immediately following a quarter in which the student was enrolled for at least six academic credits, including summer quarter.
  Each employer of a student employee is responsible for confirming the individual's eligibility for appointment as a student employee. Each student employee is responsible for notifying his or her employer if he or she no longer meets minimum enrollment requirements.

2. Student employees are appointed and paid in accordance with the University of Washington Policy on Student Employment. The University of Washington Policy on Student Employment applies to students employed under the College Work-Study Program but it does not apply to graduate student appointments covered by Executive Order No. 28.

3. Student employees, whether paid hourly or monthly, are not entitled to leave or other employee benefits.

4. Student employees may not be employed in excess of 19 1/2 hours per week except as provided in the University of Washington Policy on Student Employment.

5. Qualified, honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Services or their widows/widowers, and reservists who have completed their active duty assignments receive application preference for student employment positions (Chapter 73.16 RCW). The University's student employment program is subject to the University's Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Program.

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