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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Administrative Policy Statement

Building Security Regulations

(Approved by the Executive Vice President by authority of Administrative Order No. 9)

1.  University Police Department's Role

The University Police Department is responsible for the security of the buildings and grounds of the University of Washington campus. This includes developing and conducting crime prevention programs, enforcing state and local laws and regulations, and investigating crimes committed on University property. The University Police are also responsible for apprehension of persons suspected of committing misdemeanors, felonies, or violations of the General Conduct Code (Chapter 478-124 WAC).

2.  Building Hours

A.  Regular Hours

Building hours are determined by the appropriate director or department chair according to the needs of the faculty, staff, and students for access to a building. Hours for each building are posted on the exterior doors.

B.  Special Events

A building may be opened after hours to accommodate special, approved University functions. A written memo, signed by a dean or department head, should be addressed to the University Police with a copy sent to the Custodial Services Office. For Health Sciences units this memo should be sent to Academic Human Resources and Facilities' Classroom Services and Building Management Division, which will in turn notify the University Police. The memo should include the following information:

  • Name of building.

  • Room number(s).

  • Times that the building is to be opened and closed.

  • Names of persons to be present or name of scheduled event.

  • Name of person who will be responsible for securing the building.

3.  Responsibility for Securing Buildings

A.  Regular Building Closures

At the regular closing time, a building custodian is responsible for locking exterior doors; however, in small units, a permanent departmental employee may be assigned this responsibility. Also, it is the responsibility of departmental personnel to lock all interior doors that open into hallways.

B.  Responsibility for After Hours Use

When a building is used after hours by a permanent employee, or an individual who has been issued a Building Use Permit, that person is responsible, upon entering and leaving, for locking both the interior doors (opening into hallways) and the exterior doors.

C.  Building Use Permit

Any student using a building after hours should carry a Building Use Permit form, issued and signed by the appropriate dean, department head, or designee. Faculty and staff members should carry their staff cards, which will be considered the equivalent of a valid Building Use Permit. (Note: Faculty and staff located in some sensitive research areas may be required to carry both a staff card and a permit.) Permits may restrict access of individuals to specific areas of the building if the person authorizing the permit so requests. Permits may be issued to students, temporary faculty, and temporary or part-time staff employees for specific hours and days during a period not to exceed one year. Permits may be renewed on an annual basis. Any keys issued to students and temporary employees should be listed on the back of the permit.

To obtain Building Use Permits, send a memo requesting as many permits as will be needed in a year's time to the University Police; or for Health Sciences units, send the memo to the Health Sciences Academic Services and Facilities Office, Box 357175. The memo must be signed by the individual whose signature is kept on file as authorized to issue permits.

4.  Electronic Alarms

University Police respond to all burglary/intrusion and holdup alarms in campus buildings. When a department is considering the installation of an electronic alarm system they must contact the University Police, Crime Prevention Unit before installation.

5.  Additional Information

Questions regarding crime prevention and building security, or information regarding misdemeanors/felonies committed on campus should be referred to the University Police:

  • Location: 1117 NE Boat Street
  • Phone: 206-543-0507
  • Campus mail: Box 355200
  • Email:

May 1, 2002.