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David B Thorud Leadership Award

Past Recipients

Pamela Mitchell 2014
Pamela Mitchell
Behavioral Nursing and Health Systems
Edward Dwyer-O'Connor 2014
Edward Dwyer-O’Connor
UW Medicine-Harborview Medical Center Downtown Programs
Nancy Alaraon 2013
Nancy Alarcon
Speech and Hearing Sciences
Susan Terry 2013
Susan Terry
UW Career Center
Dr. Alex Cahana 2011
Dr. Alex Cahana
Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Joyce Yen2011
Joyce Yen
College of Engineering
Not awarded in 2010
Cindy Altman2009
Cindy Altman
Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching
Jill McKinstry 2009
Jill McKinstry
Odegaard Library
Judy Mahoney 2008
Judy Mahoney
Kathleen Woodward 2008
Kathleen Woodward
Simpson Center for the Humanities
Eve Riskin 2007
Eve Riskin
Electrical Engineering
Donald Wulff 2007
Donald Wulff
UW Center for Instructional Development & Research
John Coulter 2006
John Coulter
Health Sciences Administration
Mike Wallace 2006
Mike Wallace
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington