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New Employee Orientation
UW Bothell Faculty, Librarians & Academic Staff

Because there is so much for you to learn, orientation is divided into two parts: New Hire Orientation and Benefits Orientation. You may complete the sessions in either order, but we strongly encourage you to register for sessions during your first month of employment.

New Hire Orientation: Academic Human Resources provides newly-hired faculty, librarians, and academic staff with an online orientation to the University. Begin the orientation now or visit the Academic Human Resources website for more information.

Benefits Orientation: As a University of Washington employee, you will receive a benefits package that provides excellent insurance coverage and retirement plan options. The decisions you make at the time of benefits enrollment will affect your insurance coverage and retirement plan participation. Therefore, it is important that you understand your enrollment options and complete the enrollment process within 31 days of your “benefits eligibility date” (normally the date you are placed on the UW payroll).

At your in-person Benefits Orientation you will receive a benefits packet that includes all of the documents needed for enrollment. Also, a Benefits & WorkLife staff member will be present to guide you through the enrollment process and answer questions. Register now.

The above orientations are in addition to the UW's Faculty Fellows program and UW Tacoma's New Faculty Orientation. Newly appointed UW Tacoma are scheduled for orientation by the UW Tacoma Office of Academic Affairs.