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UW Retirement Plan (UWRP) Enrollment

General Enrollment Information

Note: This page applies only to UW faculty, academic staff, librarians and professional staff. If you are not in this group go back to the Retirement Plans web page and select the appropriate appointment type.

The UW Retirement Plan (UWRP) is a tax-deferred defined contribution plan that helps you save for retirement. Eligible employees can start participating in the UWRP on their first day of employment in a UWRP-eligible appointment. The UW helps you save even more for retirement by providing 100% matching funds to your own contributions. Both the UW and employee contributions are immediately vested, and the plan is 100% portable if you leave the UW. For the UWRP plan, vested means you are eligible to receive both your and the UW's contributions if you terminate all UW employment. UWRP operates under federal tax law and the UWRP Retirement Plan Document.

Learn more and/or enroll in the UWRP

*Note: If you have not enrolled in the UWRP by the end of your two-year employment anniversary (when participation is mandatory), you will automatically be enrolled in a qualified default account, that is a Vanguard Target Retirement Date Fund according to your age and assuming a retirement age of 65.

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