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Benefits Orientation
Choosing a Dental Plan

Dental Plan Considerations

Before you choose your dental plan, you need to understand:

Managed Care Plans

The managed care plans require that you use a dentist who participates in the plan. All dental care is managed through your primary care dentist or network provider. You cannot see a specialist unless you are referred by your primary care dentist. To enroll in a managed care plan, you will need to select a participating dentist and make sure that that dentist is accepting patients. The managed care plans are:

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan

The Uniform Dental PPO plan allows you to see any provider of your choice. You will generally pay less if you see a provider who is part of the Uniform Dental Plan's provider network. A PPO allows you more freedom of choice than a managed care plan but you may incur higher out-of-pocket expenses.

Dental Benefits Comparison

All plans have standardized benefits. Some differences include:

For details on specific benefits, contact the plans.


Good news! There are no employee or dependent premiums for any of the dental plans. The UW pays your dental premium.

Find a Dentist

Before you enroll in a dental plan determine whether your dentist is in one of the managed care plans or in the Uniform Plan's preferred provider network. Either ask your dentist/dental clinic or check "participating dentists" or the provider directory within the plan(s):

Confirm your dentist's or clinic's participation in the plan you wish to choose and record their provider or clinic code on your worksheet.

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