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Required Workplace Posters
Federal & Washington State


Federal and state laws require that the University of Washington display a number of posters for employees to ensure that they have access to information about their employment rights. Employees can view all of these posters online or in person at any one of the UW's designated public poster display locations (locations at right).

Other Required Posters

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) publishes required worker health and safety posters. Contact if you have questions.

Local Department Posting

As an employee convenience, some departments choose to display posters locally. Except for worker health and safety posters, this webpage allows you to download and print all required federal and state workplace posters. If you choose to display posters locally for employees in your unit, you must ensure that you display all required posters and that the postings are current. NOTE that E-Verify posters ARE ONLY REQUIRED IF you have employees working on a federal contract that specifically requires E-Verify use. If you have questions about E-Verify, see the E-Verify Frequently Asked Questions.

If you do not display posters locally, you may wish to download and display this document that informs individuals how they can view employment rights posters on the web, or at the public display locations.

Purchasing Posters

To simplify posting, some units choose to purchase posters from vendors such as Costco and Office Depot that aggregate the federal and state required postings. Departmental purchase and display of such posters is acceptable but not adequate by itself. If you choose to purchase aggregated posters for local use, you must also display the UW's official Equal Opportunity Statement. If you have any staff working directly on federal contracts whose terms require the University to use the federal E-Verify program, you must also display the two posters required by the E-Verify program. The required E-Verify posters are not represented on the posters vendors sell.

Please direct any questions you have about state and federal workplace poster requirements to

All poster files are in pdf format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar program.


University of Washington Equal Opportunity Statement (Revised February 16, 2011)

Copies are also available from the UW Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office, 231 Gerberding Hall,
UW EEO Poster
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) FLSA Poster
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) FMLA Poster
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act (USERRA) USERRA Poster


The information on the federally-required E-Verify posters only applies to positions working directly on federal contracts whose terms require the University to use the federal E-Verify program. If you have questions about the E-Verify program, see the E-Verify Frequently Asked Questions.

E-Verify Participation Poster
Legal Right to Work Poster (English)

Legal Right to Work Poster (Español)


Your Rights as a Washington State Worker


Washington State Worker's Rights Poster

L & I Notice to Employees - If a Job Injury Occurs English & Spanish


Notice to Employees - If a Job Injury Occurrs

Unemployment Compensation Benefits Eligibility


Unemployment Compensation Benefits Eligibility

UW Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Office
Rm. 231 Gerberding

Harborview Medical Center Employee Relations
Pat Steele Bldg.
401 Broadway Suite 2100

UW Medical Center Employee Relations
Rm. BB150 UWMC

UW Tower - Mezzanine Level
Immediately opposite visitor's dining room
4333 Brooklyn Ave NE

UW Bothell
UW1 Rm. 261

UW Tacoma
Carlton Building
Suite 400