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Personal Holiday


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The personal holiday is a paid leave day that can be used at a time mutually agreeable to both the employee and the supervisor. Monthly-paid employees are entitled to one (1) paid personal holiday each calendar year in addition to regularly scheduled state holidays.

Employee eligibility for a personal holiday is specified in the employee’s employment program. For contract classified employees, this information is found in the collective bargaining agreement for the employee’s bargaining unit. This page provides information that generally applicable, and links to the relevant section of each collective bargaining agreement.


Approving Requests for Personal Holiday Use

If an employee requests approval to use the personal holiday, consider the following:

  1. Check whether the employee has used his or her personal holiday. If your department maintains employee leave records in the Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) and you are authorized to view the employee’s OWLS record, log in to OWLS, and verify that the employee’s personal holiday is available to cover the requested time off. If your department uses another leave tracking system, check with your department’s timekeeper.
  2. Check the employee’s employment program or collective bargaining agreement to determine whether the employee is eligible to use the personal holiday.
  3. Follow your department’s normal leave request procedures to provide the employee with advance written approval to use the personal holiday.


The Shared Leave Program permits state employees who accrue leave to aid other state employees who meet certain eligibility criteria by donating leave to them. An employee may apply to receive or donate accumulated annual leave, sick leave, and/or personal holiday under the University's Shared Leave Program.