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UTemp Staffing

As a unit of Campus HR Operations, UTemp Staffing serves as a cost-effective option for your temporary staffing needs at the University of Washington. We recruit and identify qualified temporary employees, manage payroll functions, and complete all monitoring and administration requirements, such as employee relations and compliance.

We provide:

  • Responsive Service: We strive to contact you promptly—usually within four business hours—to confirm your request and clarify your staffing needs. We are also here to assist you through the duration of the temp employee's placement in your department.
  • Staffing Ease: We place qualified, professional temporary employees that fit your needs. Whether you need a temp for a few hours, days, or months, we aim to find you a great match.
  • Temporary Staffing Agency Hires: If we don't have the right candidate readily available in our pool for placement, and this is an option you agree to pursue, we can work with our pool of contingent staffing vendors that have approved contracts in place with the UW. All requests for the assistance of outside temporary agencies must be placed through UTemp Staffing. For more information, please see the Staffing Agency Use tab.

Categories Covered

We have suitable candidates in a variety of areas:

  • Office support (reception, secretarial, program coordination)
  • General services (customer support, ushering, cashiering)
  • Healthcare office administration (patient service rep, medical records technician)
  • Professional and administrative (executive assistant, office manager)
  • Fiscal administration (payroll, accounts payable/receivable, medical/dental billing)
  • Data processing (data entry, transcription)
  • Information Systems (helpdesk, software development)
  • Hospitality and food service/catering
  • Student services (registration services, counselors, campus guides)
  • Research (lab support, grant coordination)
  • Skilled trades and maintenance (warehouse, drivers, custodians)

UTemp Billing Fee

Through our fee structure, we offer rates to the UW community based on the UTemp Staffing current operational requirements. Our service fee is a 29% mark-up over the temporary employee's pay rate and is inclusive of the payroll load rate (Worker's and Unemployment Compensation, Social Security, Medicare, Health and Retirement Plans, etc.).

This fee helps to cover administrative costs of providing the following services:

  • Confirming and clarifying your order within four business hours of receipt
  • Referring qualified candidates who have successfully completed our pre-screening processes which includes in-depth, behavior-style interviewing and skills assessment, reference checking and background checks (WATCH, OIG, EPLS and A-check) and assessing employment eligibility (review of prior UW employment history, I-9 requirements, etc.)
  • Various compliance, including but not limited to 950 hours monitoring, verifying employee pay is commensurate with qualifications and experience, and performance management and employee relations
  • Processing of timesheets and paychecks to employees
  • Easy, direct billing to budget(s) you elect

Example: If UTemp places an office assistant a pay rate of $14.00/hr, the total cost to the department will be $18.06/hr (which is 29% over the pay rate).

Agency Billing Fee

There may be times when you have a need that we can't readily meet. Over the years, we have established positive working-relationships with external staffing agencies that have current, approved contracts with the UW. Access to this expanded pool of candidates allows us to quickly fill positions with short turnaround times. Agency bill rates vary depending on the agency selected. As of July 1st, 2015, we charge a 19% fee over the staffing agency's billing rate to cover our costs for:

  • Confirming and clarifying your order within four business hours of receipt
  • Referring qualified candidates provided by agencies
  • Verification that reference and background checks have been conducted
  • The same compliance listed under UTemp Billing Fee
  • Processing vendor invoices and timesheets
  • Easy, direct billing to budget(s) you elect

Temporary employees may apply for and be hired into permanent positions. When a temporary employee is offered and accepts a permanent position, the University does not pay any recruitment fees, penalties, or other charges to any vendor, per agreement with approved agencies.

Example: If UTemp places an agency employee in an office assistant position at a pay rate of $14.00/hr, the total cost to the department will be $14.00/hr plus the bill rate percentage of the staffing agency plus 19%. If the staffing agency's bill rate is 40%, the above example would calculate as follows: $14.00/hr plus 40% equals $19.60/hr, plus 19%, equals a total cost to the department of $23.32/hr.

Cancellation Fee

We assess a $75 fee if you cancel a job order after we have referred a suitable candidate for placement (unless canceling due to budgetary concerns, along with decision to not fill the staffing need temporarily).

Minimum Fee to Convert Employee to a Direct Hire Hourly

To recover our administrative costs, we expect a temporary employee to remain on the UTemp Staffing payroll for a minimum of two pay periods (if the original expectation of the staffing need was a month in duration) before a department hires the employee as a direct hire hourly employee.

Should a department directly hire a temporary from UTemp Staffing into an hourly paid appointment before this time period is up, we charge the department a fee equal to the mark-up percentage prorated for the time short of two full pay periods.

Example: A department directly hires an office assistant placed by UTemp Staffing after one pay period. The office assistant earns $13.00/hr and works four hours a day. The total daily cost to the department is $15.08 ($13/hr + 29% mark-up = $3.77/hr x 4 hrs/day = $15.08). UTemp will charge the department $15.08 each day for the remaining work days in the following pay period.

At any point during the assignment you can go to the UTempHires Department Dashboard to request an extension of your temporary employee by clicking on the Extend Job link next to their name on the Active Jobs tab. That will open a new Outlook email message to where you just need to fill in the requested end date and reason for extension. Below is an example of what the email will look like:

Please complete the fields below and email your request for job extension.

Job Number: 1117
Candidate Name: Smith, John
Requested End Date:
Reason For Extension:
Your Staffing Specialist: Claudia Munoz

UTemp will review the employee's temp hours to confirm whether the employee has enough remaining temp hours to work through the new requested timeframe and reply back to you.

Please do not attempt to use the Temporary Hourly Appointment Extension Request Tool through My HR Tools, as this will not make needed changes in the payroll or UTemp systems. UTemp Staffing takes care of this for temp employees hired through our program once we receive your request.

Under special circumstances, you may request an extension of a temporary who has reached his/her 950 hours limit, up to a maximum of 1030 hours.

Email your extension request to Your request will be reviewed by UTemp Staffing's delegated appointing authority, who is the only one who may grant exceptions for UTemp employees to work beyond 950 hours. An employee must not work beyond 950 hours without prior approval from UTemp's delegated appointing authority. To help expedite your request, please include the following in your email:

  1. The reason your department needs to keep this temp and why another temp cannot be hired. For example: The person acquired special skills and knowledge of inter-workings of your department, has the necessary flexibility for a very strange schedule, etc.
  2. What your department will be doing once the employee has exhausted their hours.

    For example: Will your department be hiring the person into an FDA? Will the project be completed by then? Will a new staff person be hired by then? Will the new staff person be trained by then?

It generally takes one to three days for UTemp to obtain appointing authority approval and provide a response. We ask that you submit a request as soon as a need for extension is identified. Submitting a request before it's needed will prevent the employee from having to stop work while waiting for an approval for an extension beyond 950 hours.

Employee Pay

All our temporary hourly employees are paid on an hourly basis and are subject to overtime payment requirements. The pay rate of the employee will be discussed between you and your Staffing Specialist when you initially submit a request for staffing support.

Temporary employees do not receive holiday pay. If a temporary employee is asked by his/her supervisor to work on a University recognized holiday, he/she will be paid his/her regular rate for work performed, provided it isn't overtime.

Authorized overtime is paid at the rate of time-and-a-half for work performed in excess of 40 hours per week (Sunday through Saturday), not for hours worked in excess of 8 hours a day. We advise our temporary employees that all overtime must be pre-approved and scheduled by their supervisor(s).

Time Sheets

Approve a temporary employee's timesheet using the UW Timesheet System. If you would like additional training information, our office has customized timesheet tutorials available for both employees and approvers, upon request.

Temporary employees from outside temp agencies will have a different timesheet which their UW supervisors will need to approve. This may be a paper form or an online form, depending on the agencies' time-tracking methods.

Employee Benefits

Temporary employees may become eligible for health and welfare benefits, such as retirement and medical/dental, depending on eligibility factors. Regardless of a temporary employee's benefits' eligibility, you pay the same UTemp billing fee. The UTemp employee is not employed directly by your department, so we incur the benefit load rate.

There are other benefits afforded to UTemp Staffing hourly employees, including but not limited to the following:

  • Eligibility to purchase a quarterly TEMP Pass from the Transportation Services office. This is the temporary/hourly employee equivalent to the U-PASS
  • University Libraries resources, including checking out books, DVDs, etc.
  • Access to the Intramural Activities Center (IMA) for a fee

Union Representation

A temporary hourly employee may be represented by a union and covered by a collective bargaining agreement depending on the nature and location of the work assignment. If you have questions regarding this, please contact one of our Staffing Specialists or Labor Relations.

UTemp Staffing: One-Stop Solution for Hiring Contingent Staff

If we don't have the right candidate readily available in our pool for your staffing request, we will work with you to find a match through a temp agency on our list of UW-approved contingent staffing vendors.

UTemp has prepared a document to assist you with the process of bringing in an agency temp: "You've requested an agency temp — Now what?"

  • UTemp serves as the UW's single point of contact with contingent staffing vendors, managing the vendor pool contracts in partnership with Purchasing.
  • The department's order submitted through UTempHires will include all of the information we need, such as the anticipated duration of the assignment and a basic position description (skills, qualifications, duties/expectations).
  • UTemp contacts pre-qualified, approved vendors for submission of candidates for consideration.
  • UTemp reviews qualifications of candidates submitted for consideration, including the candidate's pay and contracted bill rates. We work closely with you to facilitate selection of the most appropriate candidate for your department's needs.
  • UTemp Staffing works directly with the selected vendor on invoicing, as outlined in the Request for Quotes and Qualifications (RFQQ), and then bills the department directly.
  • UTemp ensures the selected vendor provides required services and reporting, such as background checks, compliance with hours limitation, and bill rates consistent with bid.
  • UTemp's cost of providing these services is covered by a charge to the department of 19% over the staffing agency's bill rate.

Contact Us

Request a Temporary Employee
When you are ready to request a temp employee, please complete our online order form. UTemp Staffing's complete tools for requesting temporary employees, completing evaluations, and accessing billing history may be found by logging into your Department Dashboard with your UW NetID and password.

New to UTempHires? Start by reviewing our two-page guide before submitting your online job order. After you submit your request, you will receive an automated confirmation, and we will follow up with you to discuss the details of your staffing need. Note: If you do not receive a confirmation email, your order did not come through to us, so please follow up with us directly.

For more detailed information on the use of UTempHires, see the UTempHires User Guide.

Time Sheet Approvers
If you currently have a temp, please approve his/her time sheet using the UW Timesheet System.

Any questions? If so, please contact us directly at 206-543-3652 or