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Professional Staff Temporary Appointment
Extending an Appointment

Use this process to extend or change a previously approved professional staff temporary appointment - pay rate, duties, hours worked, etc.

  1. Download and complete the Request for Extension/Pay Change form (form fields expand to accommodate the information entered).
    • Provide sufficient information to support your request.
    • Include the UWHIRES Requisition ID Number used to originally fill the position.
    • Mark the checkbox that confirms you have obtained the required approval from the Dean, Vice President, Medical Centers CEO, or their delegated designee. Retain local confirmation of the approval to extend the appointment.
  2. Send the completed extension request form to the Compensation Office - - as an email attachment. The Compensation Office must receive the form electronically so that it can be attached it to the original UWHIRES requisition to document the extension. To ensure successful form transmission:
    • Save the form with a .doc file extension and do not include spaces in the file name.
    • Exit the saved form before attaching it to your email transmittal.

The Compensation Office will review your request and may request additional information if:

The Compensation Office provides email approval notification within approximately three business days after form receipt. Your receipt of the email approval notification authorizes Online Payroll Update System (OPUS) entry.

Medical Centers payroll actions are processed centrally and the Compensation Office provides a copy of the approval notification to the appropriate Medical Centers HR Operations Unit for their entry into OPUS.

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Reminder: All new appointments, including temporary appointments, must be entered into the UW payroll system on or before their first day of employment.