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Behavioral Interviewing

These are the interviewing tools used by HR professionals. Consider using these prepared tools in conjunction with other technical questions you may use.

Behavioral interviews are based on the premise that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Additionally, the questions in a behavioral interview are designed to reveal the extent to which the candidate possesses core characteristics/competencies (e.g., an orientation towards customer service) espoused by an employer. Effective use of this technique will increase the likelihood that the candidate selected will possess both the skill set and values essential to the success of your team.

Important Note - To use the correct behavioral interview tool and role play Job Family Table Listing. This MS Excel file lists the classified and professional staff job titles that are associated with each job family. Find the job title of interest, note the job family, and then download the corresponding interview tools from this web page.

The tools are MS Word documents that you will have to save to your computer. For assistance in understanding their use and in customizing them for your position, contact your employment specialist.

Job Family Interview Tool Role Play Example
Administrative/Clerical Download Download
Managerial Download Download
Professional Technical Clinical Download Download
Professional Technical Non Clinical Download Download
Research Download Download
Skilled Trades Download Download
Support Services Paraprofessional Clinical Download Download
Support Services Technical - Non Clinical Download Download

The Behavioral Interview Passing Score sheet displays the critical passing score criteria for each job family. Use this document in conjunction with the interview tools and the role play examples.

For step-by-step interviewing instructions, visit the interviewing guide.

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