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Fixed Duration Appointment
About Fixed Duration Appointments


Fixed duration appointments (FDA) are limited term appointments created by the UW/SEIU Local 925 collective bargaining agreements (Article 15.4 in each agreement) and the WFSE Master Agreement Article 42.3. You can use a FDA when a contract-classified employee is on a leave of absence or to perform project work required by a temporary, bargaining unit-covered classification.

Fixed duration appointments are for assignments that:

Fixed duration appointment are always less than or equal to 12 consecutive months and have an identifiable end point. Fixed duration employees cannot be re-appointed after their appointment has reached the maximum of 12 months.

A FDA may not replace a regular bargaining unit employee and cannot be used to do the work of an employee laid off from the same work unit.

Leave and Benefits

The employee in a FDA accrues and may use annual leave, sick leave, and the personal holiday in accordance with collective bargaining agreement provisions.

The employee receives a UW identification card and is eligible to participate in the U-PASS program and other programs that require an official UW Husky ID card. The employing unit maintains a leave record, OWLS or other UW authorized method, for each employee that holds a FDA.

Employees in FDAs are generally eligible for medical, dental, life, and long term disability insurances as well as retirement plan participation subject to rules. Contact the Benefits Office for information about benefits eligibility.

Tuition Exemption - Only permanent classified staff are eligible to participate in the University's tuition exemption program. Employees in a FDA do not achieve permanent status and are not eligible to participate in the tuition exemption program.

Probationary Period

Employees in a FDA do not achieve "permanent" status and therefore do not serve a probationary period. The appointment may be terminated by the supervisor at any time.

Credit Towards a Regular Appointment

SEIU 925 bargaining unit FDAs only, time worked in a SEIU 925 bargaining unit FDA counts toward seniority for employees who are appointed without a break in service to a regular monthly SEIU 925 bargaining unit position.

If a FDA is to become a regular monthly-paid bargaining unit position, and the FDA incumbent is hired into the position through open recruitment, the employee will have time spent in the FDA apply toward the probationary period for that position. If the employee has worked in the FDA six months or longer the employee is considered to have completed the probationary period.

Union Membership

An employee in a FDA must comply with the applicable contract provisions for paying union dues.

Consecutive FDAs

Consecutive appointments that total more than 12 consecutive months are not allowed for the same assignment. If some job duties change but the employee's supervisor and home department remain unchanged, a new FDA cannot be initiated.

FDAs and Temporary Appointment

Temporary hourly employees may accept a FDA, but an FDA may not be created and used to extend the employment of an hourly employee who has reached the 1050-hour limit on temporary appointments.

FDAs and Multiple Appointments

An employee holding a FDA may hold another appointment. However, the employee's combined weekly work hours may create an overtime obligation. Supervisors should work through their department's payroll coordinators to confirm whether an employee is working for any other unit at the University.


The employee in a FDA does not have layoff-rehire rights when the FDA ends.

Ending a FDA

When ending an FDA

  1. End the appointment in OPUS.
  2. Review the work and leave records for accuracy.
  3. Pay any accumulated compensatory time.
  4. Pay unused annual leave for employees who have completed six months or more of service. Employees who are terminated before completing six months of service do not receive payment for accrued annual leave.
  5. Review the ending employment checklist for other tasks that may need to be completed.

Fixed Duration
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Reminder: All new appointments, including temporary appointments, must be entered into the UW payroll system on or before their first day of employment.

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