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Hiring Classified Staff
Post Offer — Upper Campus & Health Sciences



If you are a hiring manager outside of the Medical Centers, follow the post-hiring process below.

Update the Hire in UWHIRES:

  1. In the Requisition view, scroll down to the "Candidates" tab.
  2. Click on the "Add Activity" link for the candidate who as accepted the offer. This will open the "Add Activity" screen.
  3. Select "Hired/Accepted" from the "Activity Type" drop down.
  4. Click "Save." The "Candidate New Hire" screen will appear.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Hire date — date offer was accepted
    • Start date — date new employee will start
    • Salary amount — defaults to the amount from the "Offer Approval" page
    • Starting salary — "Pay Table-Range or Grade" auto-fills based on the job code
    • If this is a classified position, enter the correct Salary Step in the range that was offered and accepted by the candidate. If entered in "Offer Details," this will default from there.
    • Pre-hire Status: — select from the drop-down menu the status of the candidate hired PRIOR to moving to your position.
  6. Your Employment Specialist will send a New Hire Confirmation/OPUS Approval email to you once you have completed the Hired/Accepted activity. This email will contain the information required for OPUS entry of the new appointment.
  7. Prepare and send appointment letter to your new employee (See Professional Staff Sample appointment letters).
  8. Work with your department's payroll coordinator to ensure the new employee information is entered into OPUS by copying the New Hire Confirmation into the Notes section of the appointment..
  9. Save all recruitment materials according to records retention schedule.
  10. Review your action items on the New employee checklist - (pdf)

Update Candidates Not Selected.

This process is done electronically within UWHIRES so candidates can check their statuses themselves. Follow these steps to update candidates not selected:

  1. Log into UWHIRES.
  2. In the Requisition view, scroll down to the "Candidates" tab.
  3. To update individual candidates:
    • Click on the "Add Activity" link next to the candidate's name that you want to update. This will open the "Add Activity" screen.
    • Select the appropriate final disposition code from the "Activity Type" drop-down menu for the stage in which the candidate fell out of consideration. By adding this information, candidates can view their status for your position in their UW applicant profile. Candidates will only see "Not Selected," regardless of what disposition code you choose.
  4. To update all candidates:
    • Select all candidates you wish to change status on by clicking the box to the left of their name.
    • At the top of the "Candidates" tab, select the appropriate disposition code from the drop-down menu for the stage in which the candidates fell out of consideration.

Click "Go".

Note: On your hiring manager workbench, if you have filled requisitions on which candidates have not yet been dispositioned, you will see a tab indicating such. From this tab, you are able to go into a requisition and move candidates into their final disposition status.


New employee checklist - (pdf)

Classified & Prostaff
Hiring Topics

Reminder: All new appointments, including temporary appointments, must be entered into the UW payroll system on or before their first day of employment.

Need help with UWHIRES? Call or email our help desk at 206-543-2544.