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Telework for Professional & Classified Staff
Telework Agreement Development


Follow the steps on this page to develop an agreement for a regular telework arrangement. These steps also apply to occasional telework arrangements though the documentation you develop may be less "formal".

The Telework Assignment for UW Professional and Classified Staff specifies the terms of the individual telework arrangement and is used together with either the Voluntary Telework Agreement or the Telework Required Agreement.


1) Assess Organizational Feasibility
Use the Telework Feasibility Worksheet to determine whether a telework arrangement may benefit the organization.
2) Establish Employee Eligibility
Decide whether telework will be offered department-wide or selectively. Establish telework eligibility criteria like:
  • Employee has completed any probation or trial periods
  • There are no documented concerns about the employee's job performance
  • The employee's work assignments lend themselves to remote work - e.g. front line customer service is not a core part of the job.
3) Establish Length of Commitment and Reversibility
Establish dates on which the supervisor and the employee will review the effectiveness of the telework agreement and make adjustments as necessary. For voluntary arrangements, either the employee or the employer may end the arrangement. Determine the amount of notice that is required to end the arrangement.
4) Define Accountability and Performance Measurement
Define the tasks or scope of work to be performed, how work will be reviewed or reported, and how the work will be evaluated and measured.
5) Establish Communication Requirements & Availability
Determine how communication between the teleworking employee and others will be handled. Consider establishing scheduled times when the employee will be available to colleagues and clients. Determine whether the telework agreement will allow the supervisor to visit the worksite at mutually agreed times. The teleworking employee is expected to remain flexible in order to respond to business requirements, like working at the office on a normal telework day.
6) Establish Security & Confidentiality Requirements
While departmental policies to protect information confidentiality may exist, teleworking can create a need to develop additional security policies or practices. Assess the sensitivity of the information to which the teleworker has access and determine what, if any, precautions are necessary.
7) Identify Equipment, Equipment Insurance, and Office Supply Requirements
Determine what equipment and supplies are needed at the alternate worksite and who will provide them. This may include a personal computer, printer, or fax capability. Include discussion of phone lines and technical support. Review the University's policy regarding use of University equipment and other resources. Confirm that the employee must comply with licensing agreement terms for use of all software owned by the University. Maintain an inventory of equipment and supplies used at the teleworker's worksite.

University equipment and resources located at the alternate worksite are not automatically insured. Review information about equipment insurance. If departments do not insure the equipment that will support the telework arrangement, the telework agreement should specify whether the department or the employee bears the risk of loss. The telework agreement should require that the employee immediately report any damage to University equipment.
8) Establish Safety & Ergonomic Guidelines
Employees and supervisors must work together to establish and maintain a safe workspace. Make sure the employee understands that s/he is responsible for maintaining the telework site free from health or safety hazards and for notifying the supervisor or manager immediately about any safety or ergonomic concerns at the teleworksite. Health or safety hazards at the teleworksite can result in suspension of the telework arrangement.
9) Create Telework Agreement
Prepare a written telework agreement to be signed by the employee and the supervisor before beginning a telework arrangement. See the Voluntary Agreement and Telework As a Position Requirement documents. Modify the templates as necessary to accommodate terms specific to the individual, the employing unit, and the work assignment.

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