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Classified Non-Union Performance Mgmt.
Results & Competencies

Key Results Expected

The “Key Results Expected” section of the Performance Development Plan documents the most important expected outcomes for a position during the review period. This may include achievement of specific performance standard, fulfillment of goals, and/or completion of special assignments.

The Key Results Expected section addresses the requirements of the position, not the individual occupying it. In other words, the key results expected should be the same for a position regardless of who holds it.

Writing Key Results Expected

State key results as an outcome expectation rather than as a task. Describe the objective, and or measurable standards that will be used to determine whether a result has been achieved. (If appropriate, a key result may reflect the quality as well as the quantity of the expected result.)

Your assessment of outcomes may rely on information from sources such as customers, subordinates, or subject matter experts. Discuss the method(s) which will be used to assess outcomes with the employee.

State the expected results as clearly as possible. Terms like “thorough”, “excellent”, “effective”, “frequently” are insufficient by themselves to describe a key result unless they are accompanied by definitions of for what constitutes “thorough”, “excellent”, etc

The following are examples of one method for documenting key results:

What action? "Maintain
…will achieve what result? an average "talk" time of three minutes per call
…by when? ongoing standard
…to what end? So problems can be identified, conversations can be controlled, questions answered, and more clients served."
What action? "Complete review and entry of experimental data
…will achieve what result? to properly document experimental results
…by when? by the end of the day on which the experiment was conducted
…to what end? to ensure that results are recorded accurately and available for review by the principal investigator."
What action? "Complete review and entry of all accident reports for the fiscal year into the department's data base
…will achieve what result? so that the data base will be current within one quarter
…by when? by June 30 of the fiscal year
…to what end? so the accident report summary can be published by July 31."

Position Competencies

Competencies are the measurable or observable skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviors necessary for successful job performance in a position or group of similar positions. Competencies refer to "how" a job gets done, key results refer to "what" gets done.

Writing Competency Descriptions

The goal in writing competency descriptions is to create behaviorally specific depictions of a competency as demonstrated by someone who has mastered it. The descriptions should be sufficiently detailed to ensure that the supervisor and employee both understand what success in a competency means.  Consider: What specific example of of a behavior would illustrate mastery of, or excellence in a particular skill or area of knowledge? How will you know when the competency is effectively demonstrated - what will you see?

Examples of competency statements

Accountability – Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work. Understands that results are based on personal decisions and actions. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes.

Teamwork – Fulfills commitments to other team members. Promotes a cooperative work environment by understanding how the position relates to other positions in the unit and takes others' work needs into account, as appropriate, when completing work assignments.

Adaptability/Flexibility – Adapts to changing conditions and situations and is able to re–prioritize tasks as necessary. Accepts and applies constructive criticism and suggestions. Deals with unexpected frustrations professionally.

Interpersonal Skills – Is constructive and positive when interacting with coworkers, clients and others. Understands that individuals have different perspectives and communication styles. Treats others respectfully.

Productivity – Work assignments are completed on or before established deadlines. Seeks to identify and adopt skills that will enhance ability complete job duties. Is able to structure tasks so that they are completed efficiently without need for supervisory guidance.

The Department of Personnel has a information about competencies on its website.

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