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Corrective Action for Classified Staff
Final Counseling

Final counseling is the last corrective action step prior to dismissal.

  1. After reviewing the performance concerns and identifying the actions required to correct them, either develop a new draft action plan, or revise the existing one.
  2. Prepare a final counsel memo to the employee that confirms the final counseling meeting and includes the employee's right to representation, and schedule the final counseling meeting.
  3. During the meeting, review the draft action plan with the employee.
  4. Following the meeting provide the employee with a follow-up memo. Consult with your Human Resources Consultant (HRC) for review.

Most contracts include the option for you to provide a paid, decision–making day for the employee to consider the seriousness of the situation. Consult with your HRC on the appropriateness of a decision–making day.

Corrective Action