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UW Service Recognition Program

Is time on layoff deducted from years of service for service recognition awards?
Time on layoff is not deducted from years of service for employee service recognition as long as the employee remained on the layoff list until rehired by the University.

Employees rehired by the University after their removal from a layoff list do not have time on layoff counted towards service recognition milestones.
I will be on a leave absence when I become eligible for a milestone service award. How will this handled?
Employees on a leave of absence during their service anniversary will receive their selected award upon return to work.
Is it okay for an award recipient to select an item at a lower award year (e.g., employee celebrating 20-year milestone would like the gift that is at the 15-year level)?
Yes, it is acceptable for an award recipient to choose an item at a lower milestone level than the level at which the employee is celebrating a milestone. The employee does not receive any difference in the cost of the items, nor does he/she get to choose more than one gift at any lower level (e.g., an employee celebrating a 20-year milestone would not be allowed to choose two 10-year items).
I received a damaged certificate. May I obtain a replacement certificate?
Yes. Please contact the HR Service Award Coordinator for your operations unit.

Service Recognition