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Dependent Insurance Coverage
Adding a Dependent/Child



Insurance Eligibility

If you are a UW faculty or staff member who is enrolled in a medical and/or dental plan, your eligible dependents can be enrolled in the same plan you are. If you have previously waived your own UW health insurance coverage, you cannot enroll your dependents. You can enroll yourself at the next open enrollment, or with a qualifying change in family status. Qualifying changes in family status with respect to children are:

Coverage for newborns and newly-adopted children can begin at the date of birth. It can also begin the date you assume legal responsibility for the child’s support in anticipation of adoption. There are important deadlines for adding dependents to your health insurance plan, so act quickly. You can add a dependent child to your health insurance plan as follows:

*Note: If adding the child increases the premium, the subscriber must submit the appropriate enrollment form no later than 12 months after the date of birth. Subscriber may not change plans or add a spouse outside the 60-day special open enrollment. Retroactive premiums will be due back to the date of birth.

Dependent Children

The term “dependent child” includes the following:


Starting Your Child’s Health Insurance Coverage

If you have any questions about eligibility, or about the process of adding a dependent child to your health insurance coverage, contact the Benefits Office.


UWellness website


Insurance Coverage

Foster children are not recognized as eligible dependents or "extended dependents" by the Washington State Health Care Authority and are not able to enroll in coverage for benefits.

If a dependent's loss of eligibility under a plan for active employees is due to your death, your dependent(s) may be eligible to continue coverage under a retiree plan, provided they will immediately begin receiving a monthly benefit from your retirement plan.

Dependents may continue coverage until they lose eligibility under the rules. Application for surviving dependent coverage must be made within 60 days after your death. Contact for assistance.