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Librarian Leave
Civil Duty Leave


Civil duty leave, or civil leave, is paid leave granted to monthly-paid employees to serve on jury duty, as trial witnesses, or to exercise other subpoenaed civil duties.


You are eligible for civil leave immediately upon employment at the University.

You are generally not entitled to civil leave for civil legal actions that you initiate, or when named as a defendant in a private legal action that is unrelated to your University employment.


In addition to regular pay, you may retain any compensation you receive while on supervisor approved civil duty leave.


Requesting civil duty leave

If you received notice that you need to exercise a civil duty, please take the following steps to request civil leave:

  1. Provide your supervisor with a copy of the summons received from the city, county, state, or federal government.
  2. Follow your department's normal leave request procedures to obtain written approval for use of civil leave.
  3. If approved, a copy of the approval is retained in your department file to support entries made in the Online Work Leave System (OWLS) or other authorized leave tracking system.

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