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Librarian Leave
Annual Leave


Annual leave, sometimes referred to as vacation leave, is leave accrued by all librarians, and may be used for such reasons as:

All librarians earn annual leave hours for each full month of service. Librarians become eligible to use accrued annual leave hours following the completion of one (1) full calendar month of service.

Annual Leave Accrual

Librarians accrue 16.00 hours per month, 24 days per year, regardless of years of service.

Leave accrues at the end of the month in which it is earned and is available for use by eligible employees the following month. Since leave hours do not accrue until the end of the month, they cannot be used until the following month.

Accrual Rates for Part-Time Librarians

Part-time librarians accrue annual leave hours on a prorated basis based on their monthly FTE.

Annual Leave Accrual Month

The annual leave accrual month is the annually recurring calendar month during which an employee's annual leave accrual rate changes in accordance with the accrual schedule for the employee's appointment type.

The initial annual leave accrual month is the month in which an employee first accrues annual leave, and is established as follows:

The annual leave accrual month may change if an employee has leave without pay for more than ten (10) days in a month, or separates from employment. The annual leave accrual month may also change if an employee is credited with prior state service.

Annual Leave Accrual for a Newly Hired UW Librarian

Newly hired librarians who start work on or before the 15th of the month will accrue full leave hours during the first calendar month of employment. Newly hired librarians who start work on or after the 16th of the month do not accrue leave hours for that month; they begin accruing leave hours at the end of the second calendar month of employment.

Leave Accrual for Librarians Who Change Status

Leave Accrual - Effect of Leave of Absence without Pay (LWOP)
Librarians do not accrue any leave hours during a calendar month in which they are on leave without pay status for more than ten (10) working days, including holidays.

Leave Accrual during a Librarian's Last Month of Work
Librarians who separate from UW employment on or after the 16th of the month accrue full leave hours for the month of separation. Librarians who separate from UW employment prior to the 16th of the month do not accrue any leave for the month of separation.

Separating Librarians
After completing six months of continuous service and upon termination of employment, librarians are paid for their unused annual leave balance up to a maximum of 288 hours. Payment is based upon the regular salary at the time of separation. Librarians who have not completed six (6) months of employment are not eligible for annual leave compensation.

Maximum Annual Leave Balance

Librarians may carry a maximum annual leave balance of 288 hours from month to month. Annual leave will not accrue beyond 288 hours.

Leave Record

Each librarian's record of annual leave accrual and use is maintained using the Online Work Leave System (OWLS) or an authorized alternative system.


Requesting Use of Annual Leave

If you would like to use accrued annual leave hours, you will need to consider the following items in order to request and use annual leave:

  1. Determine your annual leave balance. If your department uses OWLS to maintain its employees' leave records, visit the “Vacation and Sick Leave” tab in Employee Self-Service (ESS). If your department uses another authorized alternative system, check with your department’s timekeeper.
  2. Follow your department’s normal leave request procedures to obtain written approval from your supervisor in advance of the effective date(s) for use of annual leave.


Upon separation from the University, eligible employees may be paid out for their unused annual leave balance. The Employee Separation Payment Authorization form, which will be generated when ending an employee's OWLS record, must be completed and submitted to the Payroll Office in order for annual leave to be paid out.

Prior state service credit may allow for reinstatement of sick leave. To learn how to request Prior Service Credit, visit the Crediting of Previous Washington State Employment page.

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