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Contract Classified Leave
Personal Holiday


The personal holiday is a paid leave day an employee can use at a time mutually agreeable to the employee and the supervisor. Monthly-paid contract classified staff employees are entitled to one (1) paid personal holiday each calendar year in addition to regularly scheduled state holidays.

The terms and conditions under which an employee accrues and may use the personal holiday are specified in the collective bargaining agreement for each bargaining unit. Links to the relevant section of each collective bargaining agreement, as well as some general information that is applicable across contracts, are listed below.


Contract classified employees are eligible to use the personal holiday after completing the initial four (4) months of employment. Thereafter, the personal holiday may be taken at any time in each calendar year.

Using the Personal Holiday


If you wish to use your personal holiday and meet the eligibility requirements outlined above, you will need to follow your department’s procedures for requesting and taking time off from work.

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