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Classified Staff Layoff
Statewide Layoff List

In accordance with Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 357-46-080, permanent classified employees may request to have their names placed on the statewide layoff list for other state agencies or higher education institutions within two years of the date an employee;

Placement on a statewide layoff list does not guarantee future employment but it may enhance a person’s employment options depending on experience and training and the availability of employment opportunities.

Washington State Agency Statewide Layoff List

The Washington State Human Resources manages a centralized statewide layoff list for all state agencies. View instructions for requesting placement on a Washington State Human Resources managed statewide layoff list.

State Higher Education Institution Statewide Layoff Lists

Each Washington state higher education institution manages its own employment and statewide layoff list processes. If you are interested in employment or placement on a statewide layoff list at another state higher education institution, you will need to contact the individual institution to request and follow its instructions for statewide layoff list placement and for applying for jobs.

State Higher Education Institution Contact Information

Layoff Support Resources