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Layoff Support Resources
Financial & Legal Help

Facing job loss almost certainly creates financial challenges. The earlier you start to plan and make adjustments to your financial situation the better you will be able to manage the impact. UW CareLink can help you assess your situation and make referrals to community agencies and government services.

To arrange for the free financial and/or legal consultations described below Call toll-free 1-866-598-3978

One Half Hour Free Financial Consultation

UW CareLink provides a half hour of free, confidential consultation with a financial professional in the following areas:

NOTE: If you plan on requesting a 30 minute financial consultation, fill out the spending plan worksheet (see below) before your meeting. By doing so, you will make much more effective use of your time with the financial counselor. Even if you do not meet with a financial counselor, you may find the worksheet a helpful financial planning tool.

The worksheet is available with built in calculations as a Microsoft Excel file, if you have Excel or a compatible application. It also is available as a pdf version where you can fill in the data but you will have to perform the calculations yourself.

Download the Excel Spending Plan Worksheet  Download the PDF Spending Plan Worksheet

Legal Consultation

UW CareLink also provides a half hour of legal consultation to help resolve legal matters. (Excludes employment law concerns and second opinions.)

Layoff Support Resources