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Layoff Support Resources


About Layoff

We know it is not easy to lose a job and especially difficult when the news of your position’s elimination is unexpected. This resource provides information about your accrued leave, benefits, how to file for unemployment insurance, career transition and job search resources, and mental health and financial counseling.

In the most general terms, layoff is the elimination of a position because of a lack of funds, lack of work, or reorganization. For classified employees, a reduction in percent time or number of months worked is also treated as a layoff.

Each employment category and/or bargaining unit has its own specific definition for what constitutes a layoff and the procedures that must be followed to initiate a layoff. This site describes the layoff process for contract-classified staff, classified non-union staff, and professional staff.


The links on the right side of this page provide detailed information about the topics of interest to employees facing layoff.

Common Questions

Some questions that employees who face layoff have are:

How much notice will I get - when will my last day of work be?
The minimum amount of layoff notice for staff is established by the provisions of the employment program or a collective bargaining unit, but is approximately 30 calendar days.

A professional staff employee who has been notified of layoff, who has the right of reversion to the classified service, but who cannot be placed in a classified position, must then be laid off as classified staff. In such cases the employee will receive the actual layoff notice required by the applicable labor contract or civil service rule for the classified layoff.
Is there severance pay?
Unlike some large private sector employers, there is no severance pay for State of Washington Employees.
Is there any option for me to continue UW employment?
Contract-classified and classified non-union employees may have an option for continuing employment by "bumping" into a position occupied by an employee with less seniority. There are also options for rehire preference through rehire lists. These options are discussed in the layoff process descriptions for contract-classified staff and classified non-union staff.

Layoff Support Resources