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Classified Non-Union Layoff Process
Rehire List

What is the Rehire List?

The rehire list provides laid off employees with preference for rehire in accordance with civil service rules. To be placed in a position, individuals on the rehire list must meet the skill requirements for the position.

All eligible candidates on the rehire list are referred to the employing official when there is a job vacancy and the employing official makes the final selection. It is important to have an up-to-date candidate profile in the UW's employment website so that your job skills and experience are properly taken into account.

If you are hired from a rehire list and complete the rehire trial period, your name is removed from all other rehire lists.

Removal from Rehire List(s)

If you are on the rehire list and refuse three offers of placement in jobs having the same salary range, percent time and work shift as the position from which you were laid off, your name is removed from the rehire list. Removal from rehire lists for classifications other than the one from which you were laid off is on a list-by-list basis, and occurs after you reject one placement offer.

You will also be removed from the rehire list for the position from which you were laid off if:

Removal from other list(s) and removal from consideration for positions having an FTE status less than that which you held immediately prior to layoff is done on a list-by-list basis, and occurs after the you have rejected one offer of placement.

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