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Contract-Classified Layoff Process
Rehire List

What is the Rehire List?

The rehire list provides laid off employees with preference for rehire in accordance with the terms of their collective bargaining agreement. To be placed in a position, individuals on the rehire list must meet the skill requirements for the position.

The employing official makes the final selection. It is important to have an up-to-date candidate profile in the UW's employment website so that your job skills and experience are properly taken into account.

Removal from Rehire List(s)

You can be removed from a rehire list if you refuse offers of employment or are hired into a position, in accordance with your collective bargaining agreement.

Rehire Trial Period

Most collective bargaining agreements contain a provision for a "rehire trial period." The rehire trial period gives the employee and the employing official time to determine whether the position is a good match. If there is provision for a rehire trial period, either the employee or supervisor can initiate a return to the rehire list.

If you are hired from a rehire list and complete the rehire trial period, if there is one, your name is removed from all other rehire lists.

WSNA UWMC RN's ONLY: A nurse who is re-employed either from the rehire list or as a result of independently applying for and being selected for a position while being on the rehire list, will regain the seniority earned at the time of layoff, in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.

Layoff Topics