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Telework for Professional & Classified Staff
Developing a Telework Proposal


This page addresses regular telework arrangements though some of the information will be pertinent if you are considering an occasional telework arrangement.

Many employees find the option of teleworking (telecommuting) attractive because it can:

Teleworking arrangements must benefit both the employee and the employing unit. Teleworking therefore requires the supervisor's and/or unit administrator's advance approval. Positions that lend themselves to teleworking typically do not require daily, in-person interaction with others as a core part of the job, and they generally use technology to accomplish work.


Considering a Proposal

If you are considering a telework proposal, review the Telework Feasibility Worksheet, the Telework Assignment form, and the Telework Agreement - Voluntary form. These forms will help you understand the factors you should consider as you think your proposal, including the following:

Meeting With Your Supervisor or Manager

You may want to meet with your supervisor before developing a proposal to discuss whether telework may be an option for your position. If it is, offer to prepare drafts of the telework documents to review in a subsequent meeting.

If your supervisor does not react positively to your initial inquiry about teleworking, ask what the supervisor's concerns are and whether s/he would be willing to consider a proposal that attempts to address them. Let your supervisor know that you are committed to being flexible and making adjustments to ensure success, and that you understand that the arrangement can be ended if your supervisor or manager determines that the arrangement is not working as desired.

Common Questions

Are there restrictions on which or how many employees can request a telework work arrangement?
Any employee may propose teleworking, but not all jobs are suitable for a flexible work arrangement. Consider your job’s main functions and whether they can be fulfilled under the proposal.
Will teleworking limit my opportunities for promotion?
In general, no; however, the work unit requirements and responsibilities of a position that represents a promotional opportunity may not be compatible with teleworking. In order to be considered for some positions, you might have to change your work arrangement.
What options are there if my supervisor denies my proposal?
The University is not obligated to allow employees to telework. Each proposal is considered individually to determine if it can work successfully for you and your unit.

Telework Topics