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Ending Employment

The items on this checklist that apply to you may vary depending on whether you are leaving University employment or moving to another position at the University. Review the list with your supervisor or department administrator to make sure you understand the steps you need to take.

Employee Responsibilities

Submit resignation letter - If you are resigning, submit the letter of resignation with an effective date. Talk to your supervisor about whether you want to use any annual leave or compensatory time before your last day of employment.

Decide about insurance continuation - Decide if you will want to continue UW health insurance coverage. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to self-pay for continued health insurance or you may be eligible to pay for insurance continuation under COBRA. These self paying options are similar but have different costs and time limits. Contact the Benefits Office (206-543-2800 or to discuss your insurance continuation needs.

Decide about retirement and savings plans - Decide what you will do regarding your retirement and savings plan participation and contributions. Your options will depend on your plan participation, whether you are moving to another employer, and if so, what plans that employer offers. Contact the Benefits Office (206-543-2800 or to discuss your retirement plan participation and what options you have.

Retirees must officially retire from the UW in order to obtain all rights and benefits, and should contact the Benefits Office at 206-543-2800 or for more information.

Turn in keys & equipment - Turn in all building/departmental keys (building, office, file cabinets), and any UW equipment in your possession like a cell phone, pager, computing equipment, etc.

Turn in other University property -

Provide supervisor with systems and computing file access - Be sure your supervisor can access computer files (provide password if necessary) and voice mail (provide access code). Update your voice mail message to advise callers of your status and a number to call for assistance.

Provide updated contact information - Update address in Employee Self-Service (ESS) to ensure you receive your final W-2 form and final pay check if you are not on direct deposit. If you are moving to another department, update your directory information through ESS.

Manage future UW email - Either set up an auto-reply email message to let others know of your status or forward your account to another employee.

Review leave and timekeeping records - Review your leave records and time sheets and sign them as necessary.

Manage payroll deductions - Contact the Payroll Office if you need to terminate any payroll deductions. If you are having any loans or insurance coverage paid through payroll deductions, contact your creditors or insurance providers to arrange alternative payment.

Manage childcare enrollment - If you have a child enrolled in a University on-site childcare center, you must notify the center that you are leaving UW employment.