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Ending Employment
Disability Separation


The University of Washington provides reasonable accommodation to qualified employees with a disability as defined by state and federal law. The disability accommodation request process describes how an employee may request accommodation.

Sometimes an employee with a disability cannot continue employment despite all efforts to reasonably accommodate the employee. In these cases the University must separate the individual from UW employment. Separation is not discipline, but a process that recognizes that continuing employment is not possible.


If you are facing the possibility of disability separation, the University has staff and resources who can help you.

  1. Talk to your Human Resources Consultant (HRC). Your HRC can advise you about leave use, and eligibility to receive shared leave.
  2. Contact the Benefits Office for help with questions about health insurance coverage, long term disability insurance coverage, accessing retirement plan contributions, and related information. Call 206 543-2800 or email
  3. Consider contacting UW CareLink, the UW’s employee assistance program. If you have financial or family concerns, UW CareLink can help.
  4. Review the "Ending Employment Checklist."

If you are separated and later become able to return to University employment, contact the University’s Disability Employment Specialist at (206) 616-5129. The Disability Employment Specialist can help you assess your skills and advise you on how to plan for a possible return to employment.