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Career Development
Professional Development & Education

Take the Next Step in Your Career

What brings us together at the UW is a passion for learning. That extends to study that helps UW faculty and staff flourish in their work lives. The University offers classes, online courses, consulting services and workshops aimed at advancing and improving the careers of UW employees. Choose from the list below for opportunities to grow at the UW.

Resources from POD

POD offers Career Counseling services and Quarterly Courses geared specially toward employee career exploration.

Learning & Scholarly Technologies
Stymied by spreadsheets? Flummoxed by Photoshop? UW Information Technology offers low-cost courses for all skill levels.

The Cascade Center for Public Service and Leadership
The Cascade Center at the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs is known nationally for its leadership courses for senior and mid-level managers.

Executive MBA Program at the UW Business School
This 21-month course for mid- to senior-level managers allows students to earn an MBA while still working full time.

UW Tuition Exemption Program
Many UW employees are eligible for tuition wavers at the UW and other participating Washington State colleges. See the tuition exemption website for details and information on eligibility.

UW Educational Outreach
UW's continuing education office offers a broad portfolio of classes, both degree and non-degree, and includes UW Extension.

UW Women's Center Lifelong Leaning
The Women's Center offers more than 300 continuing education classes, workshops and lectures to UW faculty, staff, students and the community each year. (All are welcome; classes and programs are not limited to women.)