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Career Development
Job Search Tools

Help with the Job Search Process

As one of the largest employers in Washington, the UW employs thousands of employees in hundreds of fields. If you decide to look for new opportunities, we hope you will first consider other UW positions. Our hiring managers understand the value of hiring staff with previous UW experience and some even require it their position's qualifications.

Whether you're a recent grad, mid-career professional or a retiree returning to work, getting the right job takes time, diligence and plenty of preparation. The UW and other sources have tools that can help make job searching easier. Use the materials below to get started.

More Job Search Tools

Résumé Basics
Determine your strengths and skills, then tailor your résumé to get results using this worksheet from the UW Center for Career Services.

Cover Letter Basics
A great cover letter that compliments your resume is a good way to get your resume favorably considered for a position.

Interview Basics
Once your résumé and cover letter land you an interview, make the most of your opportunity to get the job.

University of Washington Employment: Where the Jobs Are
Start your search close to home, using the complete listings of open positions at the UW.

Job Search Tools