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UW Policy & Procedure on Violence
in the Workplace

Violence Prevention and Response - All Campus Sessions - Register via the SafeCampus website: Preventing violence on campus is a responsibility we all share. Learn the warning signs and how to respond in a free 50 minute briefing session. Open to students, faculty and staff. Sessions are scheduled each quarter.


The University of Washington is committed to providing a safe, healthful workplace that is free from violence or threats of violence. The University does not tolerate behavior, whether direct or through the use of university facilities, property or resources that:

Violent or threatening behavior can include: physical acts, oral or written statements, harassing email messages, harassing telephone calls, gestures and expressions or behaviors such as stalking.

Individuals who engage in violent behavior may be removed from the premises, and may be subject to dismissal or other disciplinary action, arrest and/or criminal prosecution.

Violence in the workplace includes relationship violence that intrudes into the workplace, endangering a person in the relationship or others in the workplace. Relationship violence is physically, sexually, and/or psychologically abusive behavior that a household member or dating partner uses to establish and maintain control over another person.

This policy applies to all UW work locations including offices, classrooms, work sites, vehicles, and field locations. In addition to this policy, some units (such as medical centers) have additional legislative or regulatory requirements with which they must comply.

Reporting Requirements

The University has established procedures that University faculty and staff must follow to report incidents of violence in the workplace, or to report concerns about situations that could become violent. These procedures have been created to ensure that incidents receive an appropriate and timely response.


Reporting Urgent Threats

An urgent threat is where there is actual violent behavior, or where it appears that violent behavior is likely to take place, such as a verbal altercation that appears to be escalating.

Step 1: Call 911
(At HMC only, call 206-744-5555 for immediate Public Safety assistance.)
UWMC only, call 222 for violent patient behavior).

Step 2: Once you are safe, call 685-SAFE (685-7233) to report the situation to the Violence Prevention & Response Team. At UW Bothell call 425-352-SAFE (425-352-7233) at UW Tacoma call 253-692-SAFE (253-692-7233).

Step 3: Alert your supervisor to the situation.

Reporting Emerging or Potential Threats

An emerging or potential threat is one where you believe a situation has the potential for becoming violent over time because it exhibits one or more of the violence warning signs.

Step 1: Report the situation to the Violence Prevention & Response Team by calling 685-SAFE. At UW Bothell call 425-352-SAFE (425-352-7233) at UW Tacoma call 253-692-SAFE (253-692-7233).

Step 2: Alert your supervisor to the situation.

Supervisors of Someone Who Feels Threatened

Step 1: Report the situation to the Violence Prevention & Response Team at 685-SAFE. At UW Bothell call 425-352-SAFE (425-352-7233) at UW Tacoma call 253-692-SAFE (253-692-7233).

Step 2: Alert the head of your unit (or his/her designee). Keep information the employee has shared confidential, except for the reporting requirements above.

Step 3: Encourage the individual to seek additional assistance. Provide the employee with the phone number for UW CareLink and give the employee a private place to make the phone call.

Orders for Victim Protection

Orders for Victim Protection include the following types of court orders:

If you have obtained an Order for Victim Protection that includes a University of Washington location(s) as your residence, your school, your workplace, or other protected area:

STEP 1: Immediately provide a copy of the order to the UW Police Department. Call the non-emergency dispatch number (206-543-9331) to arrange to speak to a UW Police Officer in person to discuss the specific details of the order.

STEP 2: Report the situation to the Violence Prevention & Response Team at 685-SAFE.

STEP 3: Alert your supervisor of the Order for Victim Protection.

When an Employee May Be a Perpetrator


Step 1: Contact the Violence Prevention and Response Team at 685-SAFE to discuss any actual, reported or suspected improper conduct and determine the course of action that is most appropriate.

Step 2: If an employee who may be a perpetrator asks for help, refer the employee to UW CareLink. UW CareLink counselors can make referrals to counselors who specialize in anger management issues or to certified relationship violence perpetrators' treatment program.

Step 3: Document and maintain records of any times the employee may have engaged in inappropriate behavior or used University resources such as work time, electronic communication technologies, mail, etc. to engage in harassing, threatening or abusive behavior.


UW Website on Violence Prevention: Find resources for students, faculty, and staff on keeping our campus community safe.

Leave Use or Work Schedule Adjustments for Victims: Victims of relationship violence may need time away from work or a modified work schedule to make arrangements for personal safety, or to obtain medical, legal or counseling services.

Employees should discuss their needs with their supervisor, administrator, or unit head. Discussion should include: reason for leave, planned duration, communications plan and alternative arrangements for receiving paychecks.

Learn More about Relationship Violence: Find warning signs, steps to increase safety, and campus and community resources.

Administrative Policy Statement 11.7 - Policy for Domestic Violence in the Workplace Awareness.

Learn more about supervisors' and faculty's role in preventing and responding to violence in the workplace

For questions about UW’s Policy and Procedure on Violence in the Workplace contact the Violence Prevention & Response Team at 685-SAFE.

UW CareLink: The University provides professional help to individuals who have experienced or a traumatic event through UW CareLink including individual counseling and critical incident stress debriefings.

See "About Relationship Violence" to learn about warning signs and steps to increase your safety. The University of Washington does not penalize or discipline employees because they are, or have been victims of domestic violence.