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Temporary Employment
Union Representation


A temporary hourly employee may be represented by a union and covered by a collective bargaining agreement depending on the nature and location of the assignment and whether the union has received representation authorization from the Public Employment Relations Commission. Currently SEIU Local 925 and WFSE are certified by PERC to represent employees if the following criteria are met:

  1. The employee's current job assignment matches an SEIU Local 925 or WFSE bargaining unit title and  is in a location where the title is represented by SEIU 925 or WFSE; and
  2. The employee has worked 350 hours or more in a bargaining unit assignment in a twelve month period from January 1, 2004 (for SEIU 925) or July 1, 2005 (for WFSE) or the original date of temporary employment, whichever is later.


After each payroll cutoff, each unit with temporary hourly employees can access a data warehouse report that displays the employees who have reached the 350-hour threshold in a bargaining unit covered assignment.